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Product Description Maturity & Positioning Technical & Integration Implementation & Support
  • Adobe web conferencing solutions: Close deals faster.
    • With Adobe® Acrobat® Connect™ Pro software, you can create instant, collaborative meetings with just a web browser and the Adobe Flash® Player.
  • Collaboration software and online project management for businesses.
    • Accelerate your business with social collaboration. Manage people, projects and documents in the cloud.
  • "425,000+ customers"
  • Web conferencing lets you connect with anyone, anywhere, in real time.
    • WebEx combines desktop sharing through a web browser with phone conferencing and video, so everyone sees the same thing while you talk.
  • ConceptShare enables creative professionals to get feedback on visual assets with the responsiveness and experience of a desktop application
  • Founded in 2006. ConceptShare is used by organizations of all sizes; from freelancers to some of the biggest brands in the world and across a wide range of industries.
  • Forums, blog, support documents, FAQs, webinar, videos.
  • Collaborative Decision Making, Prioritization and Resource Allocation
    • The most comprehensive and flexible decision-making process available. What if you knew exactly which course of action could help you reach a goal? Which people, projects or ideas are the most likely to deliver success?
  • Our collaboration software helps organizations make better decisions that achieve alignment and buy-in with speed and transparency.
    • The workhorse of decision-making analysis across the world for over 20 years, Expert Choice 11.5™ is a robust stand-alone Windows client solution that allows for same-time, same-place collaboration, rich analysis and reporting, and data integration with Microsoft Project, Microsoft Excel, and Oracle.
  • Easy web conferencing and online meeting tools. Work with anyone, anywhere.
  • The faster and simpler multi-contributor review

and editing solution!

  • Virtual project environment
    • An instantly deployable virtual project environment with an extensive suite of tools to improve project performance - without the cost and complexity of groupware.
    • A collection of virtual project team collaboration tools, including web conferencing, to improve communications and efficiency.
    • Virtual project management tools to enhance project planning and execution.
    • Virtual resource tracking & reporting tools to assure real-time review of schedule and costs status ... and more.
  • Hosted Web conferencing
    • Connect with your colleagues and engage your customers through real-time meetings, training sessions, and events.
  • Proposal development and review solution enabling government contractors to focus their proposals on the source selection criteria from the outset and to increase their contract win rate.
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