Security and privacy

The Proposal ID system - security and privacy statements.

Security policy.

The Proposal ID security is kept as simple as possible.

To ensure that no unauthorised user can use your sensitive information, document authors must be logged on to the Internet to verify your company's Proposal ID's licence.

Off-line users can continue to modify existing documents.

Access to the administrator area (where your template administrators can manage the list of and design of templates) is only available via a username and password. We allocate the first administrator username and password. Your administrator(s) can add, modify or delete any additional administrators.

All of your company's sensitive information such as product descriptions, client information, etc is stored on your own systems (such as an internal system such as your content management system or intranet or an external system such as your Internet pages). These are your systems and covered under your own security policies and procedures.

We store the following information in our secure database:

  • Proposal ID template definitions and hierarchical structure
  • Proposal ID administrator(s) details including email address(s) and Proposal ID password(s)
  • Log of access to the Proposal ID system by each user for licensing and reporting purposes

Privacy policy.

As part of the Proposal ID system, we store the following personal information about each access to the system by a user:

  • Windows username
  • IP address
  • Word user username and initials
  • Local time on document open and close
  • Proposal ID document template (and the category and division) used
  • Directory path and filename of the document saved
  • Whether the key Proposal ID functions were used (as these constitute a billable "use" of the system)

If requested, we also store the following data to enable reports to be generated for you:

  • Variables filled in on document creation
  • Products selected
  • Appendices list items selected
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