Maintain elements separately

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Content, templates and branding can be independently maintained.

Full and independent control of template and branding.

As your document templates are separated from any content, they can be updated at any time with no impact on the content.

Branding and re-branding of your templates are simplified with a distinct list of style elements requiring branding.

A suite of tests is available to test your branding to ensure the proposal author's documents will always be on-brand and consistent.

Content maintained independently.

Using your company's Internet, Intranet and/or Wiki, you can publish your content easily and consistently knowing that it will be able to be found by the document authors and automatically moved into a document once selected.

Formatted text can be easily added to the content with confidence that, regardless of the document authors' skills in using Word, they will be accurately and completely inserted into the document.

Examples of content formatting available include:

  • Text (bold, italics, underlined, centred, hidden, etc)
  • Images (word wrapping, alignment, borders)
  • Headings (six different heading levels supported)
  • Lists (six different ordered and unordered list levels supported)
  • Tables (basic, striped rows, striped columns, zero, one or multiple header rows, etc)
  • Highlight boxes (highlight important information)
  • Footnotes/citations.

As the Proposal ID system can be used for any company documents, not just proposals, content owners can set up content to be used by any number of different documents.

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“In reference to the new proposal template via the Wiki, I'd like to recognise the difference the new process and format has made. Using the proposal template has certainly improved the time it takes to generate new proposals, reducing time spent on proposal generation by at least half the time previously spent. The proposal template also enhances the quality, consistency and professionalism of the proposals being sent to my customers, which previously consisted of various templates and numerous products, potentially old information, being cut/paste into the document. The fact that the proposal template via the Wiki contains all the relevant links to the most current and updated product information, proposal writing suggestions, etc makes this Sales tool extremely beneficial. A very practical tool that will actually get used!”

Ken M (Optus Business Account Manager)

Multiple document types supported.

The Proposal ID system can be set up for any number of document types (not just different proposal types).

The list of available document types and their sections and standard content are configured and maintained by the system administrator.

Standard section definitions, front and back pages, dividers and headers and footers can be used to define multiple different document types.

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“The proposal is very easy to read, much better than your previous format. Sections were clear and information was easier to find.”

University of New South Wales (recipient of a Proposal ID formatted proposal)

Different templates can be set up with different brands.

To cater for multiple divisions, branches or organisations selling the same or similar sets of products, different brands can be set up.

Each brand can use the same set, subsets of or all new sets of templates.

Each brand can use the same set, subsets of or all new sets of content.

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