Automatic document generation

Generate formal, consistent and accurate on-brand company documents quickly and easily.

Use pre-defined templates or design your own.

Ensure all your customer-facing and internal documents are always on-brand.

With the Proposal ID system, you can use our professionally designed business templates, modify them to your own needs or create your own.

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Categorise your templates.

Ensure your staff can always find the correct template to use.

The Proposal ID system lets you categorise your templates into your own groupings. For example:

  • General business (meeting agendas and minutes, formal letters, internal memos, fax cover sheets, etc)
  • Sales and marketing (proposals (new business, re-sign, new line of business), contract completion, support plan, etc)
  • Legal and regulatory (non-disclosure forms, request for tender, statement of works, etc)
  • Finance (purchase order requisitions, capital expenditure requests, business case, etc)
  • Organisation (job descriptions, employment application, etc)
  • Project management (project brief, business requirements, benefits realisation plan, etc)
  • or any other categories appropriate to your business.
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“The template enables all information to be gathered quickly and presented in a professional manner. The customer is starting to see a format that they recognise as ours - only a good thing and a significant improvement as it has been difficult to achieve in the past. Thanks for enabling Sales to have such a tool available to use.”

Stephen W (Optus Business Account Manager)

Supports multiple company divisions.

Different divisions, departments or subsidiaries of the same business entity may use different categories of templates.

The Proposal ID system allows for different divisions and optionally different system administrators to set up their own suite of templates.

Templates can be shared between divisions or be unique to one division.

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“I think the new style looks great and very professional. The layout is logical and is easy to use. Overall, on a scale of 1 - 100, I'd have to give you a gold star.”

Mitchell Communication Group (recipient of a Proposal ID formatted proposal)

Supports multiple company brands.

Different divisions, departments or subsidiaries of the same business entity may use different brands but the same or similar sets of templates.

The Proposal ID system separates the brand styles from the templates allowing each to be maintained independently.

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Configurable standard content automatically inserted.

Templates can be configured to include standard content that is automatically inserted when the template is generated.

Standard content can be stored in any HTML-based system such as a wiki, an intranet or the Internet.

As the standard content is kept separate from the templates and branding, it can be maintained independently.

Variable fields can be included in the standard content that will be replaced with user-defined values as part of the template generation process.

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